HPC Data Center Traffic Control

No question data storage, production and traffic will continue rising.  The 2013 Cisco GCI projects global data center traffic reaching 7.7 zettabytes annually by 2017 (triple the 2.6 zettabytes data in 2012).  As storage systems grow commensurately larger and more distributed, requiring longer length cables, system designers are on the forefront of building next-generation equipment.

Traffic control for the data deluge requires a steady stream of connectivity technology.  Molex continues expanding on iPass™ connectors and cable assemblies for SAS, PCIe, Ethernet, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel.  Most recently, we launched the iPass+™ HD AOC—an end-to-end solution for large-scale enterprise and data center storage equipment requiring 48 Gbps data rates over four lanes with reaches of up to 100 meters.

Referenced as mini-SAS HD in the SAS-2.1 standard, the iPass+ HD AOC system meets SAS-3 next-generation speed and density requirements.  The compact form factor leaves more space on the board for IO connectors, enabling four 4x ports on a low-profile PCIe card.  Longer and more flexible than copper, the 3mm OD cable simplifies cable routing.  A key advantage for manufacturers and data centers, the iPass+ HD AOC delivers nearly double the density of current QSFP+ AOC.

The iPass+ HD connectors and cables are the chosen interface for the PCIe External Cable Work Group’s Gen 3 Cable specification, which doubles effective bandwidth and adds protocol enhancements to increase end-system performance.  The iPass+ HD connectors and cables also provide double the IO port density of the Gen 2 Cable specification.  Design flexibility, scalability and performance make iPass+ HD AOC a match for larger scale multi-rack designs, data storage main frames, hubs, routers, servers, and a plethora of backplane applications.

So, what’s next in the pipeline?  More cool technologies enabling extended length performance in HPC data centers.  Keep an eye out for enhanced iPass+™ zHD modules currently in development to meet SAS-4 scalable data rates up to 96 Gbps (24 Gbps over 4 lanes).

Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco at OFC 2014.  Stop by the Molex booth 3863 to preview the iPass+ HD AOC.