Making Inroads In Packaging Automation — What’s So Unique About Circular Hybrid Technology?

Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector and CordsetsNew packaging designs are in constant demand.  In the dynamic packaging industry it pays to offer easily configured solutions, plug-and-play machines, and modular systems that are easy to install and offer manufacturers the flexibility they need.  No doubt we’re all aware the marketplace is trending toward the deployment of new network protocols.  Industrial Ethernet has emerged as the most popular by far and will likely continue to take a commanding lead.  At Molex we have focused on bringing packaging customers the fastest, most reliable Ethernet connections possible. 

At PackExpo 2013 we are showcasing cutting-edge technologies for design engineers in the packaging industry.  Among the highlights is a unique, stand-out connector and cordset.  A small-build connector based on the standard M12 form factor, the Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector is making inroads into packaging automation and controls.

So, what’s so unique about the Micro-Change M12 CHT?!

The IP67-sealed Brad Micro-Change M12 CHT connector system, with an innovative wrap-around shielding, combines Cat5e Ethernet speed with power lines for optimal performance and reduced cabling requirements and installation costs in harsh industrial applications.  The M12 CHT design allows superior signal integrity and excellent EMI performance.  The combination of CAT5e data pairs and electric lines in a single interface translates into cost and space savings, with added design flexibility.

In evaluating any connector technology I think it’s important to look at the construction—so let’s have a look at the back-end of the CHT system design.  Based on the Brad® circular M12 threaded coupling design, the Micro-Change M12 CHT connector combines Cat5e Ethernet data traffic with power lines in a compact build size.  Basically we have taken Ethernet in a twisted pair format, wrapped in a shielded bundle, and added power wires.  As you look at the actual cable interface, you see the familiar M12 form factor.  However, instead of using two connection points—a single connector for Ethernet and a separate connector for power—customers can now use one simple connection point for both.

The 8-pole (4+4) version of the CHT connector features two Cat5e data lines and 4 power lines capable of carrying up to 6.0A.  In the 6-pole (4+2) version, two Cat5e data lines and 2 power lines carry up to 10.0A.  The fully shielded 4-pin array (two shielded pairs) is enclosed by a wrap-around metal tube shield (patent pending) for optimal signal integrity and performance.  The two overlapping metal tubes channel the signal through the connector without disturbance of cross-talk and with excellent EMI resistance.  The unique shielding concept is not limited to the shown M12 CHT build size.  Different form factors, for example M16 and M23, could be developed based on a customer’s application requirements.

The compatible cordsets feature M12 overmolded male-to-male CHT cable connectors for strain-relief and an end-to-end IP67- rating seal.  Corrosion-resistant hardware, including nickel-plated brass cordset coupling nuts and receptacle shells, assures reliability in even the most demanding packaging operations.

Brad Micro-Change M12 CHT connectors and cordsets offer an ideal solution for those working in packaging robotics and machines, in addition to manufacturing cells and plant floor networks for process and automation control.  Join us at PackExpo (Molex booth #S5884) to view samples of Brad Micro-Change M12 CHT connectors, cordsets—and other practical design tools engineers and machine builders.  Can’t make it to PackExpo?  Visit to learn more.