Molex – Brad® Ultra-Lock® Connectors Improve on the Current M12 Design in 3 Ways

The Brad Ultra-Lock Connection System improves on the current M12 design in 3 ways: it is faster, more secure and simpler. M12 is a threaded connection system that needs to be screwed into place to achieve a secure connection between the plug and receptacle. While the connection is secure, it isn’t as fast or simple compared to the push-to-lock mechanism featured on the Ultra-Lock system.

How the push-to-lock system works
The push-to-lock system allows the user to simply push the connector to secure the plug and receptacle together.  You will not be able to disconnect it unless you grab onto the coupler built into the product.  Another major advantage of Ultra-Lock system is that it provides a repeatable, improved seal.  The M12 system relies on an o-ring that has to be compressed as you tighten the connector.  Ultra-Lock has an actual seal that activates or engages the same way each time it is pushed on to make the connection.

Align and push, align and push
In a typical application, the contrast between a typical M12 connection and an Ultra-Lock connection is obvious.  As Jimmy demonstrates each connection type, he shows how the operator needs to line up, screw into place and make sure the connection is sealed properly and securely using the standard M12 system.  This took over 10 seconds to make just one connection.  Now compare that to the Ultra-Lock connection – align and push each connector and you’re done.  Jimmy was able to make 4 connections in under 10 seconds.  So, which one would you rather use?

To learn more about the Ultra-Lock products, visit the Ultra-Lock product page on or you can view the part list for receptacles, cordsets and passive distribution boxes.