Molex has a Brand New Brand: Creating Connections for Life

What’s in a brand? It’s what we stand for, what we hold to be true. It’s a promise we make every day to our customers, our partners and our employees, to listen, consult and support each distinct group in unique ways. It distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to make a memorable impression. And for Molex, the brand is not just about what we do, but rather, how we do it. It’s what sets us apart as we elevate the power of our connections to improve our world.

At Molex, we draw upon decades of innovation, consultation and forward-thinking to build technologies that improve lives. We enjoy an incredibly unique culture that has formed over time since we began 80+ years ago as a molding company and evolved to drive some of the most ground-breaking design enhancements in consumer devices, vehicles, factory floors and data centers. Operating under sound principles that focus on realizing mutual benefit for all the partners and customers we serve across industries from data communications and medical, to industrial, automotive and consumer electronics, we create meaningful connections that manifest in powerful innovation. Like the technologies that connect us to colleagues when the world shelters in place and the innovations that warn us of impending danger around the corner when driving down a windy road. The technology we build is the technology that brings music to our ears and sound to the hearing impaired. Our solutions are, at their very core, connections for life.

At Molex, we’re proud of our deep history of integrity and reliability, demonstrated in deep-rooted relationships where our core values as an authentic, accountable, approachable and customer-first  company shine through every day. Brand perception research tells us that the human connections we build coupled with the engineering expertise and quality we bring, sets Molex apart in a crowded field. Indeed, it is every marketer’s dream to have a brand foundation that’s differentiated most profoundly in not just what we do, but how we bring value each and every day.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce our new brand and tagline, Creating Connections for Life to shine a bright spotlight on what endears us to our customers, builds trust among our partners and drives loyalty and commitment from our team members. It’s what makes us Molex.

Creating Connections for Life.

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Vice President, Global Marketing at Molex