Molex PackExpo Booth Showcases Brad M12 Power Connectors: Four Times the Power in a Small IP67-Rated Package!

Brad® M12 Power Connector SystemRampant growth in packaging plant automation and modular machinery has pushed demand for more power in compact spaces.  Designed to meet the power needs of packaging machines, Brad® products enable intelligent, on-machine control systems and easy implementation of industrial machines and network protocols.  A newcomer to the line-up, the Brad M12 power connection system meets the need for increased AC/DC power delivery, without compromising space or reliability. 

In any packaging application the cable assembly current rating is limited by the connector current carrying capacity.  The higher current M12 connector was developed to meet the power consumption requirements of control, sensing and actuators in automation control systems, while still retaining a small footprint.  The M12 connector provides higher current power in a traditional M12 connector envelope, with a rugged IP67-sealed interface for reliable performance in harsh duty environments.  The enhanced design provides thermal heat dissipation for higher current carrying capacity—making it ideal for factory automation applications requiring up to 600V and 16.0A.

The higher current capacity of the M12 connector allow more devices to be powered by the same power circuit, which translates into faster commissioning, reduced wiring and simplified wiring for auxiliary power circuits.  The M12 power connector is a perfect choice for modular and compact machine designs and other packaging automation and plant applications, including AC/DC motors and drives, auxiliary power distribution for control systems, and hydraulic and pneumatic valve banks.  The rugged connector can be mounted in harsh or exposed environments directly on plant floor machinery, compact LED and conventional industrial lighting fixtures, WIFI stations and even surveillance cameras.

Brad M12 power connectors deliver four times the power of standard M12 connectors.  By delivering more power in a small package, M12 connectors allow packaging machine designers to create even more compact and efficient machinery.  Additionally, it features industry’s most robust keying and polarization design.  The M12 reduces the chance of mis-mating and helps ensure easy blind-mate connections in hard to view installation areas.  Available in 2 to 4 pin styles, with or without a PE ground pin, the Brad M12 offers the only 5-pin version (4 pins + grounding) on the market.  Pins are safely enclosed in a contact carrier to eliminate electrical shock due to exposed pins.  The center ground pin provides first-mate-last-break engagement.

Potentially the M12 interface can replace the larger M23 connector interface as the preferred power connector in packaging drives.  The Brad M12 power connector design has been submitted for IEC and ANSI/EIA acceptance to establish an open industry connector standard for increasing adoption across a wider array of platforms and manufacturers.

Brad M12 power connectors are available to ship by December 2013.  Join us at PackExpo to view samples at the Molex booth #S5884.