Molex Unveils 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network at CES 2018

As the holidays wind down, many of us at Molex are still busy as we prepare for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, being held January 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas. CES provides a global stage for the launch of exciting new innovations and we are excited to showcase ours.

Technologies designed to enable autonomous and intelligent vehicles are a high priority for the automotive and electronic industries.  Personal vehicles are fast becoming an extension of homes and offices—a space for drivers and passengers to connect with others, and stream and share Internet-based media and services.  Additionally, the rising global use of smartphones and other mobile devices increased demands on automotive power and connectivity capabilities.

Ethernet is well positioned to meet in-vehicle connectivity demands, but only if bottlenecks related to limited bandwidth can be effectively overcome.  Molex specializes in packaging increasingly higher bandwidth into ever-tighter spaces.  For over two decades, the company has pioneered switches, gateways and other high-speed, high bandwidth solutions and thermal management strategies for high-density networking applications in data-intensive supercomputing, hyper scale and enterprise datacenters and telecommunications.

In support of the development of more powerful and faster in-vehicle networks, Molex will unveil an industry leading end-to-end 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network at CES 2018.  The future-ready high bandwidth Ethernet platform provides standards-based, secure and scalable networks in the vehicle and in the cloud.  Based on a powerful high-speed gateway, the platform accommodates different vehicle profiles with reliable data integration and prioritization.  The robust 10 Gbps Ethernet delivers smooth and seamless data flow across multiple hardware and software systems and legacy media modules, chips and charging hubs, protocol stacks and secure OTA (over-the-air) updates, diagnostics, telematics and analytic learning integration.

Secure high-bandwidth Ethernet represents the future of in-vehicle and V2X connectivity.  As more auto makers begin adopting high-bandwidth Ethernet-based systems, the Molex platform provides flexibility to integrate new technology—and backward compatibility with legacy equipment when cost advantages apply.  Molex brings significant expertise to guide manufacturers looking to introduce new capabilities into an existing vehicle model—or completely customize a next-generation intelligent vehicle.

Preview the 10 Gbps Ethernet Automotive Network at or visit Molex CES 2018 booth – Tech East – South Hall, Ground Level, MP25962, where we’ll also feature the space-saving Mini50 and HSAutoLink Connection Systems, and interactive demonstrations of Media Modules and USB Smart Charging Modules.