Not just a lot of hot air!

Not long after I started my current Molex assignment of developing new power connectors, I asked a customer about the airflow environment around a connector. His first reaction was to say “Never you mind about airflow, that’s my safety net!” He thought I was suggesting that we could re-rate the connector temperature rise using the cooling effects of the airflow from system fans. And so I learned never to even suggest that the T rise of a connector could be favorably influenced by system cooling fans.

But, as always, the times they are a changing. Now, some customers are inquiring about predictions of T rise where airflow is available, especially when the connector is already considered to be taking up too much space (which is pretty much all the time!). So rather than add a few power blades to decrease the T rise generated by pumping higher currents in existing spaces, some folks are now taking airflow into account. Tough times call for tough decisions!

Come by the Molex booth at DesignCon to see a demonstration of the effects of airflow on T rise. Now I am not about to try to convince everyone that you can get even more current through our products by baffling more airflow to the connector! I realize that airflow is probably more needed somewhere else. But if you’re trying to sneak in a few more amps without spending more money, you may be interested to see the effects!