Pushing Forward: Molex and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Molex is entering our 3rd year as an official sponsor of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and this year we are thrilled to be bringing along the Koch family of companies as a part of the sponsorship. As a global company, with design and manufacturing facilities all over the world, we have many places to call “home”. But for over 75 years, from Brookfield to Lisle, IL, Molex has always been headquartered in the Chicagoland area. We consider the Chicagoland a great area to work, to live, and a place where talented people from all around the United States and the world come to challenge themselves personally and professionally. In Chicago, at Molex, and in the marathon, we believe you’ll find hard-working, talented individuals that help push society forward.

As an electronic solutions provider in a wide range of industries that are constantly growing and evolving, we want to ensure that our Molex family is up for the challenge. On its surface, the marathon might seem like it is purely an individual sport. But no one completes a marathon without the help from others – such as support from family, friends, trainers, or other runners. At Molex, we develop solutions by closely collaborating with our colleagues and with our customers. Whether we are helping build life-saving surgical instruments, smarter buildings, or keeping you connected on the go, our employees work together and continue to push forward until a solution is developed. We are problem-solvers who work across borders and use ingenuity and drive — by combining our individual strengths – and seeing our commitments through – just like a marathon runner does.

Molex CFO Travis George and his wife, Jenny, compete in the 2016 marathon. It’s always nice to see smiling faces as people push themselves throughout the race!

We all have goals. Runners, mothers, sons, Molex employees — society as a whole. Eighteen weeks of marathon training can be strenuous. Running 26.2 miles can feel never-ending. Solving tomorrow’s technology problems today may seem out of reach. But facing challenges and overcoming them is how we get stronger and it is how we grow. It’s how we advance technology that helps move the world and us forward. It won’t be easy. We just need to keep pushing forward.

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