RJ45 Products and the Internet of Things

The next time you’re sitting at home, take a look around. Chances are, many of the items you use in your everyday life, from computers, printers and cellphones to refrigerators, thermostats and even lightbulbs, are interconnected through built-in internet connectivity. This network of devices, commonly referred to as the internet of things (IoT), allows for the automatic sending and receiving of data. If your devices are connected directly to the internet, they most likely utilize RJ45 connectors and ports.

Registered Jack (RJ) products have come a long way since the 1970s, when they were used primarily for connecting to telephone networks. As technology advanced, RJ45s took on the task of transmitting data. As demand grew for greater data transfers at faster speeds, RJ45 products needed to change to remain relevant in the industry. This led to the creation of magnetic connectors and ports, which include internal magnets to help filter signals and allow for higher speeds.

A Family of Magnetic Jacks

In order to streamline our product lineup, Molex has consolidated its single-port magnetic jack products under the single, cohesive MXMag Connector product family. This merger allows customers to easily browse our expansive single-port magnetic jacks to find the best solutions available.

MXMag Connector Features

The robust, high-reliability MXMag Connectors allow Molex to meet customer demands for mechanical, electrical and environmental performance, while at the same time offering cost advantages associated with high-volume production output. Some additional features include:

  • Integrated LEDs to provide a quick visualization of system and status functionality
  • Speed ranges of 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • A range of operating temperatures, including standard, industrial and extended ranges
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) versions that support PoE functionality while allowing customers to manage power
  • Multiple length offerings, including a shorter-body design option for space-constrained applications
  • 5G speeds currently in development, expected availability in 2020

Our wide MXMag offering will help you ensure that you find the best fit for your product needs.

IoT Applications

MXMag Connectors can be used with a variety of applications, making them the perfect choice when your solution requires a specific feature set. Some of their more common consumer applications include:

  • Smart lighting — Provides efficiency and cost savings. PoE lighting has low power use, allowing for the powering of lights over Ethernet instead of high-voltage lines. Going with PoE will help reduce installation costs and ultimately offer long-term savings associated with LED lighting. Additional features include using smartphones and tablets to connect to lighting, turn them on and off on the fly or at set times, dim them based on the time of day, and link them to motion detectors for added security.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) cameras — Digital video cameras that send image data over the internet, as well as receive control data, allowing for remote administration from any location.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) — Taking analog audio signals and converting them to digital data that can be transferred over the internet.
  • Set-top boxes — Devices that allow televisions to become a user interface to the internet.
  • Gaming systems — For a faster and more reliable connection.
  • Industrial equipment — Ensuring reliable operations in harsh and extreme environments.
  • Security systems — Wired designs provide a more secure connection. Integrated internet capabilities allow users to access and control security features from smartphones or tablets.
  • High-reliability devices — Where a wireless connection isn’t a reliable option. These include industrial controls, robotics and medical devices.
  • Developmental boards — For homebrew IoT projects or even customer-based product development — for example, Raspberry Pi.

MXMag products offer endless possibilities for your connection needs and reduced overall costs. To learn more, check out Molex’s consolidated MXMag Connector lineup.