Taped Terminal Crimp Module 64016-2000 Introduction

Módulo de crimpiado de terminal encintado 64016-2000 Introducción

Features and Benefits TM-3000

Features and Benefits TM-4000

Press Definition of Industry Standard

Important Information on Your Molex Applicator


Large Lug Crimp Press

Crimp Force Monitor

FFC Termination Press


Taped Terminal Crimp Module 64016-2000 Operation

Terminal encintado Módulo de Crimpado 64016-2000 Funcionamiento

Tooling Operation, Maintenance and Adjustments

Hand Cycling a Crimp Press and Applicator

Applicator Track Adjustment

Removing the Top of an Applicator from the Base

Rear Cover Adjustment

Feed Cam Adjustment

Applicator Feed Finger Adjustment

Applicator Press Installation

Applicator Basic Maintenance

Perishable Tooling Overview

Installation of the Punches into the Ram Fine Adjust Applicators

Quality Crimping Preparations

Hand Tool Operation, Repair and Adjustments

Handtool Ratched Replacement

Handtool Return Spring Replacement

Quality Handtool Crimps

RAST Handtool Instructions