Whether you are looking to deliver a seamless user connectivity experience, or transform a commercial vehicle into a connected vehicle, Molex can help to achieve the full potential of your design.

Enabling Next-Generation Vehicle Technology

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From solutions that support the integration of Industry 4.0, to ruggedly designed connectivity for the factory floor, Molex is playing a key role in ensuring industrial machines and robotics are more functional, intelligent, and connected than ever before.

Food and Beverage Solutions

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The speeds required by 5G standards presents a new and significant challenge for connectivity. Connectors have a greater responsibility to minimise interference that compromises performance, and to prevent any external signals that pose a threat. Molex develops disruptive technologies and leads in setting the connectivity standards that are driving the industry forward.

5G Mobile Technology

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Molex Core Products

The versatility of our core product range equips us to meet the changing demands of evolving markets and will play an integral role in our focus industries. Whether you need components for a space saving design, or a product to accommodate faster and faster speeds, Molex has a solution for your connectivity needs.

Key Microminiature Connection Points

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Easy-On and SlimStack Core Products