Spotlight on Connected Automotive Collaborations

Strategic collaborations between Molex and other industry leaders are aimed at streamlining fast, reliable connectivity to keep automotive data flowing smoothly and securely within intelligent vehicles and beyond to the cloud.  At the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2018 held in Las Vegas, Molex featured the latest Connected Mobility Solutions developed in collaboration with other leaders working to enable next-generation connected vehicles.

Here are a few highlights from Molex and its collaborators during CES 2018—

Secure high-bandwidth Ethernet represents the future of in-vehicle and V2X connectivity.  Unveiled via private booth demonstrations, the Molex 10 Gbps Ethernet Automotive Network supports secure and reliable data transmission between multiple hardware and embedded software systems, enabling end-to-end data integration and data prioritization for intelligent vehicles.  The industry-leading 10 Gbps platform fully integrates highly reliable signal integrity, prioritization, scalability, and security, utilizing proven technologies from multiple collaborators, including:

Multi-Gig solutions from Aquantia are optimized to prevent data bottlenecks within the vehicle Ethernet network.  A suite of Blackberry QNX security solutions features microkernel architecture, file encryption, adaptive time partitioning, a high-availability framework, anomaly detection, and multi-level policy-based access control.  Blackberry Certicom Managed Public Key Infrastructure Service is leveraged to securely provision, authenticate, and communicate between modules and other vehicles ECUs and peripheral devices connected to the network.  Certicom elliptic-curve cryptography can be extended to communications between the vehicle systems and the cloud.  Excelfore’s innovative middleware solutions for in-vehicle networks and cloud connectivity streamline integration and simplify OTA updates and diagnostic. 

On-the-go drivers and passengers want sophisticated graphic displays and connectivity of their smartphones and tablets to stream content.  Our booth demonstrations showcased versatile Infotainment Media Modules developed with valued collaborators to provide OEM’s the design flexibility they need to connect consumer devices to the vehicle.

In collaboration with MicroChip Technology, Molex showcased a compact USB Power Delivery Solution with dynamic power sharing that provides up to 100W of power from a single USB Type C port.  Integrating AllGo Systems technologies, Molex USB OTG Hubs and Media Modules support wired and wireless iPhones and Android smartphone connectivity, and distributed media playback to other devices within the car.

Leveraging decades of experience pioneering power and signal solutions for the automotive industry, we can quickly and cost-effectively qualify, design and implement a complete end-to-end automotive network platform and custom media modules.  To learn more, check out the latest integrated Connected Mobility Solutions for intelligent vehicles at