The Customer Convenience Port (CCP)…Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Have your visited your Ford, Nissan, GM, freight truck, or private plane dealer lately?   Communication and entertainment  are becoming focal points of the transportation industry.  With the growing popularity of connectivity systems like Ford SYNC® or GM OnStar® the market for media modules is expanding, and Molex is positioned as a leader in this market.   Using our expertise in interconnect technology, circuit design, and signal integrity, Molex is able to design and manufacture modules that meet the wide-range of requirements  and standards.  With this comes a whole new world of connectivity and entertainment options…options that are here today, providing features to an ever-expanding group of users.

The basic functions of a Customer Convenience Port (CCP) allow you to add and update navigation information to your vehicle, load a flash drive or SD card with your favorite music,  or download car performance data.  Also, you will not have to buy special power adapter cables for your devices since the CCP typically includes USB ports…and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

So, what next?  To integrate this to other applications in the car, truck, boat, plane,  and recreational vehicle markets, of course!  Molex is already in a leadership position with leading manufacturers providing this advanced connectivity.  Need a demo?  Give us a call.   It is an exciting market segment and Molex is ready today to support the market’s needs.

*Ford SYNC is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company

*OnStar is a registered trademark of OnStar, LLC