Top 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Modbus† Solution for ControlLogix*

  1. More Ports – Modbus modules from Molex SST™ offer the most communication ports per module. Each communications port (Ethernet or Serial) can be a Modbus master or slave. All ports can communicate simultaneously.
    • SST-SR4-CLX-RLL module has four electrically isolated Modbus serial ports. This keeps each network isolated electrical noise that might be happening on another  Modbus network.
    • SST-ESR2-CLX-RLL module has 3 ports, 2 Modbus serial and 1 Modbus TCP (Ethernet) port.
  2. Easy to Configure – Molex SST™ modules are fully integrated into the Rockwell‡ architecture with an AOP, reducing overall commissioning time and simplifying the installation. The tight integration between the SST™ module and the ControlLogix platform means ladder logic is not required for the base amount of I/O data to show up in the Controller Tags.
  3. Better Software Tools – Modbus messages are configured using our graphical interface, this allows drag and drop of Read and Write data blocks, simplifying data mapping. The database offset has a direct correlation to the ControlLogix tag offset. In addition the Modbus Read and Write tools support the sending of a “test” Modbus messages, with immediate feedback on success/failure. This allows messages to be added to the configuration, knowing in advance they will succeed and therefore reducing troubleshooting time. Lastly, you can now see the status and statistics of all your Modbus messages in one place for troubleshooting and network optimization purposes.
  4. More Data – Molex SST™ modules support addressing of up to 32,000 words. Exceeding any module on the market. Molex SST™ modules have the most data capacity available. This functionality comes standard with both modules; users simply add the extended database AOI to your ladder logic to take advantage of the extra data.
  5. Immediate Bottom Line Savings – Molex SST™ modules give you more features than any comparable solution for the ControlLogix backplane or otherwise. All this comes at a price point that allows you to reduce your cost per port by 25% or more with just a single Molex SST™ module. In many cases these modules can even rival the costs of higher end, but complicated gateway solutions.
    Untitled-1More Systems Integrators and Controls Engineers are seeking to find the best balance of price without compromising performance. Now many of them have found answers and are converting projects to Molex SST™ Modbus modules. For more than 20 years, Molex has delivered reliable solutions as a Rockwell Automation‡ Encompass Product Partner. Through careful design, we deliver SST™ backplane solutions that provide direct cost savings and optimize industrial protocol communications.