Uncommon valor – first responders to the Japan earthquake

Our prayers are with the people of Japan and we are fortunate that our colleagues are safe at the latest update.  The unprecedented series of events around the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami underscore that regardless of our advances in technology we are still voyagers on this Earth subject to the cadence of Mother Nature.

Like many of us, I have been glued to the news watching the latest events and feeling helpless as the images are broadcast from a world away.  What struck me during one video clip was that amongst the carnage and instability there were first responders at the scene, working methodically to find and help the injured and bring peace to the dying.

For days I had been watching the footage registering the destruction until I had the epiphany that there were first responders, professional and otherwise, taking personal risk to help others in the middle of the carnage.  I could not help but wonder if they were looking for their own family members?  Are they aware of the danger and why are they not running away?  Don’t they know there are aftershocks?  Do they know there is radiation leaking?

I believe they do…

Godspeed citizens of Japan