What We Can Learn from the Indy 500

Showcasing our capabilities for speed, precision, agility and innovation, we at Molex are once again co-sponsoring a car that’s racing in the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 30. Partnering with Dale Coyne Racing as a co-sponsor with Mouser, a global electronics distributor, Molex showcases its commitment to developing innovation that advances the automotive industry, among many others.

The Indianapolis 500 and the entire IndyCar Series enable real-life experience and research of how Molex products would perform under the toughest conditions, which gives us the unique opportunity to confidently apply what we’ve learned to consumer and business-to-business solutions.

Molex is proud of its rich sponsorship history, having co-sponsored a car in the NTT IndyCar Series since 2011, including the car that won the 2013 Indianapolis 500. This year, driver Ed Jones, who was 2017 IndyCar Rookie of the Year, sits behind the wheel of the No. 18 open-wheel car that displays the Molex name on its nose. We were also a primary sponsor of No. 18 for the GMR Grand Prix at the storied Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where the Indianapolis 500 also takes place, and the car sported a blue livery with the Molex name prominently displayed on the back wing.

The No. 18 car at the GMR Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 15

IndyCar Strong

The IndyCar Series, made up of 17 races including the Indianapolis 500, showcases tenets including speed and safety, agility, precision and ahead-of-the-curve thinking, that have ushered in new high-tech car design and racing standards. As a result, over the years, innovations that were first used in IndyCars have made their way into consumer automobiles. Rearview mirrors, seatbelts and tire technology are just a few examples.

Speed and safety are principles Molex shares with IndyCar racing. Data rates, for instance, are a crucial focus for Molex’s high-speed connectivity solutions. Illustrating the intersection of these shared values, our antennas and high-speed interconnects in the steering-wheel telemetry system send data from the driver to the pit crew when used in these applications, to let them know how the car is performing. Likewise, high-speed products in headsets and laptops facilitate real-time communication between driver and pit crew, which is essential for a safe, connected and successful race.

Molex also demonstrates its commitment to speed with its engineering and global manufacturing capabilities that shorten our customers’ time to market while delivering leap innovation that ignites customer advantage. The engineering and performance embedded in our car designs are mirrored in our precision components that meet the strictest design specifications.

Ultimately, Molex components must have the agility to perform under the extreme conditions, including for races that reach speeds of up to 240 mph in all kinds of weather. In other words, Molex interconnects, switches, antennas and more are put to the test not just in racing scenarios but every day around the world.  Our products—many of which are designed and delivered to some of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world—show they can withstand even the toughest environments.

Turbocharged Solutions

Members of the Racing Team During a Pit Stop at the GMR Grand Prix

Molex has co-sponsored the IndyCar Series for a decade because it provides a platform to research and test performance excellence. From helping our customers quickly bring end products to market with our global manufacturing and engineering capabilities to providing connectivity solutions with the speed, reliability and precision needed for a successful product launch, Molex embraces the tenets displayed by the IndyCar series, racing team members and the cars themselves. Co-sponsoring with distributor Mouser shows our commitment to supporting a wide range of customers as they work to bring their designs to life. As a global authorized distributor, Mouser has the reach to bring Molex products to a broad customer base, providing a one-stop-shop buying experience that enables our solutions to improve lives.

Join us as we tune in to this year’s Indianapolis 500. We’re thrilled to be part of this race to the finish! 

Molex Vice President of Global Distribution