Where are all the Green connectors?

Electronica is always one of the premier connector events in Europe and the Molex team is always looking forward to the high-charged atmosphere surrounding this event. It is even rumored that this blogger may be seen sneaking around looking for power connector ideas!

As I perused the proceedings, I have to admit to being surprised that there weren’t more power-focused topics.  Since the Europeans seem to be leading the world and setting the green standard, I was expecting to see a multitude of green topics.  Americans (and probably justifiably so!) are often accused of not properly focusing our everyday activities on energy savings.  I admit to even breaking my own rule this year and allowing my family to hang Halloween lights, which I forgot to turn off last night! We need the consciousness of our European cousins to remind us of our global responsibility.

In a previous blog, I commented on I²R losses that are gaining industry attention and wondered aloud when it would reach the interconnect level.  I am hoping that at electronica 2014, or maybe sooner, that connector companies will be proudly displaying new power-saving connectors.  We are researching ideas to decrease the loss encountered by the separable interface, thereby improving the overall efficiency. Unfortunately, the interface is the small part of the total resistance budget that dictates power loss across an interface.  But we still feel it is a worthy goal!