Molex Opens New Guadalajara Manufacturing Plant

Quick Facts
• Land Area: 25 Hectares (Approximately 60 Acres)
• Plant Size: 60,000 Sq. Meters (With Potential to grow to 100,000 Sq. Meters)
• Employees: 175 Currently, 300 by End of 2022*

Given our positive experience in the community, combined with the robust technical capabilities of the local workforce and the location of our customers, Guadalajara was the strongest choice for our new facility dedicated to manufacturing.

*Estimate 1,500 to 2,000 Employees at Full Capacity

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What’s Next In The Automotive Industry?

The flying car may not be on the horizon, but auto decision makers have electronic-enabled autonomous driving, advanced electric cars and new battery technology on their agendas–and within reach, if challenges can be overcome.

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Zonal Architecture

Making the Car of the Future Possible

Fundamentally change the face of vehicle manufacturing. Zonal architecture offers a huge range of benefits for manufacturers, dealers and customers, and will ready the automotive industry for the future of transportation.

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