Design Engineer Tell-All: Engineering Innovation Revelations and Realities

It takes talent, teamwork and tenacity to navigate ever-shrinking design cycles while driving product innovation from concept to commercialization. Now more than ever, design engineers are empowered to take greater control over the technologies, tools and vendors that will enable them to quickly cross the chasm of never-ending change and propel innovative product plans forward to achieve breakout success.   

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Zonal Architecture: Five Revolutions in Vehicle Design

Zonal architecture is ushering in a new era in vehicle electronics design. Grouping functions of the vehicle by location zones with each zone being responsible for the devices that are installed in a particular section of the vehicle, zonal connections must be made through a locally installed zonal controller or gateway. This new approach leverages the latest developments in computing power and high-speed communication, both of which will be essential due to the huge increase in data that must be processed in the next generation vehicle. So how is this new architecture revolutionizing vehicle design?

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Innovating to Help Millions Maintain Eyesight

The journey for innovative medical technologies is filled with potentially intractable challenges that could derail a project, cost time and resources and, most importantly, leave otherwise life-changing ideas with no path forward. Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, used its unique collaborative design approach to help a global leader in ocular treatments design, develop and manufacture a better solution for treating wet age-related macular degeneration.

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