Miniaturizing Innovation: How Smart Thinking Made a Smartwatch Smarter  

In the race to add features, consumer electronics designers need to innovate—fast.
Such was the case for one of the leading smartwatch manufacturers, who was looking to add more functionality on their next generation model but had no room on the circuit board to accommodate new enabling electronics. The manufacturer realized that the connector critical to enabling the technology took up too much valuable space on a key circuit board and they turned to Molex for help addressing this issue. Having shipped more than forty billion board-to-board micro connectors for mobile devices and wearables since the introduction of the smartphone in 2010, Molex was uniquely qualified to help.

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Big Connectors Making Big Connections: Molex Engineers Collaborate to Create Emerging Technology

Many of the most impactful advancements in technology have been experienced in the automotive sector, inspired by an industry transformation aimed at delivering more efficient and cost-effective electric vehicles. This has resulted in a rapid rise in demand for technology that supports needed enhancements to these vehicles such as long-term energy storage to expand driving range and reduce charging time. Achieving the goal called for a new type of battery—one that combined the power of several smaller batteries aligned to a smaller form factor. This is how the Volfinity Project emerged 

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Data Center Challenges: Top 3 Design Considerations

Prior to the pandemic, data center demands were relatively predictable. Not anymore.

With the remote worker locations constantly shifting and the further proliferation of connected devices, network management has become a major challenge. And it’s not just about provisioning enough routers and switches to keep the data flowing. Ensuring uptime, reliability, and security is far more complex in this highly-distributed environment.

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