An Optimized User Interface for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Stopping or minimizing the spread of a virus is the first step toward containing it. One leader in thermal imaging technology is helping the world take this first step. When demand for their cameras spiked due to COVID-19, the company reached out to its suppliers, and Molex stepped up to deliver the technology they needed.

Thermographic image of a human face and neck showing different temperatures in a range of colors from blue cold to red hot. 

Thermal imaging cameras are playing an increasing role in helping to identify potentially infected people, so they can be tested. Fever is a common symptom of the new coronavirus, meaning a patient showing an elevated body temperature may be carrying the virus and unknowingly spreading it to others. The company’s advanced technology offers a non-invasive way of thermally and anonymously scanning people in densely populated areas such as airports or train stations. These cameras look at specific zones on the body, such as the forehead or the corners of the eyes, to detect a potential fever. Molex’s expertise with user interface design and functionality makes the device easy to use with custom keypad components.

A Smart Design that Offers Reliability and Efficient Production
Molex’s printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and keypads work together to help users interact with this imaging technology. High-quality metal domes allow the keypads to provide both audio and haptic (touch) feedback to indicate when a key has been pressed while graphics printed on a silicone overlay clearly label every function. Making the interface easy to use was an important part of the design focus, and the use of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) techniques helped increase yields and throughput.

Molex’s team of designers and engineers combined FPCs with more traditional PCBAs and silicone rubber keypads, eliminating multiple steps in the manufacturing process while providing an inherently self-supported — and more cost-effective — user interface solution than some traditional constructions.

Looking Ahead
Molex is committed to helping our customers streamline their designs while focusing on both quality and ease of use. Our expertise and commitment to efficiency continue to help this customer bring their innovative technology to the global market.

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