Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017: Meet Anne

Meet Anne, who works for INVISTA in the Business Development for Performance Solutions group. She has run three marathons with a personal best time of four hours and will be racing in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this year for #TeamMolex.

“I was inspired to Push Forward after volunteering at the finish line of the Rochester, NY marathon. At the finish line, I was able to see the look of satisfaction and excitement on the faces of the first time finishers. I somehow missed the expressions of exhaustion! At that time, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping, but that volunteer experience inspired me. I signed up and trained for a half marathon. I got a training program from my local running store and pushed forward through the weeks of tempo drills and long, slow weekend runs. I made friends at the local running store, ate healthier, and with all the miles covered in the training, I had learned the streets of my town like the back of my hand. By the time I reached the starting line of that first half marathon, I had learned to love running, and when I crossed the finished line, 13.1 miles later, I was hooked on the sport and everything that came with training i.e., the running community, the exploration of new routes, and the extra calorie burn. Eight years later, I still love running and now have a few marathons and triathlons under my belt. I am looking forward to running the Chicago marathon with Molex this year.”