Data Centers of the Future: Molex Open Compute Summit 2019 Recap

Travel around the World with Molex!

During our first year exhibiting at the OCP Global Summit in San Jose, California, attendees had the chance to see Molex’s complete portfolio of high-speed products providing a “World of Innovation.” They explored our leading technologies for rack scale designs implemented in HyperScale and Next-Wave data centers and discovered it is possible for an IP packet to travel around the world on Molex technology.

Molex’s “Around the World” demonstration

OCP Summit highlights included:

  • Thermal comparison of QSFP-DD through BiPass, SMT and Press-Fit for 112Gbps
  • “Around the World” product demonstration, which included:
  • Molex 400G-DR4, 100G-DR, 100G-FR, 100G-LR optics modules and 3m QSFP-DD DAC cables with Cisco N3432D-S 400G switch, Innovium TERALYNX™ Switch ASIC and Keysight Technologies Ixia AresONE
  • Molex DCI line amplifier box with Molex 100G-DWDM modules over 25km fiber link
  • BittWare FPGA packet generator
  • Molex’s BiPass I/O technology with Innovium’s 12.8Tbps TERALYNX™ Switch ASIC (Mechanical)
  • Open19 Chassis, compute sleds, and spline along with our new Molex Open19 QSFP-to-compute sled cable (Mechanical)
  • Mirror Mezz Facebook AI module (Mechanical)

To demonstrate DCI products, we routed a 400 Gbps traffic stream generated by the IXIA AresOne through the 400 Gbps ToR switch and out via Molex 100G-DWDM modules to a Molex line amplifier box. The packets were then transmitted across a 25km fiber link to a second line amplifier box which in turn routed the traffic stream back to the AresOne via a second ToR switch.

From collaborating with our customers on the show floor, to learning more about the industry during the education sessions, we really enjoyed our time at the OCP Global Summit.