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With decades of experience in high-power applications, Molex works closely with its customers to create bespoke solutions for unique applications. As a leading manufacturer of automotive solutions, Molex is a one-stop shop for reliable power connections. 

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Busbar Options

Changing economics are leading to greater variety in EV charge points. From digital advertisement to brand experiences, operators are looking for form factors that can deliver new services and functionality. 


Molex Busbar Solutions deliver the design flexibility to meet this need. With decades of experience in electrical design and manufacturing, Molex offers a wide array of customizable options, allowing charging station design to break free of boxy expectations. 

Sentrality Pin and Socket

A reliable method to build connections between high-power busbars and boards in charging applications, the Sentrality Pin and Socket Interconnect System was designed with a +/- 1.00mm radial self-alignment to overcome tolerance stack-up issues. 


As premium Molex products, Sentrality components offer low contact resistance and a wide range of sizes. Sentrality pins and sockets are adjustable for a custom fit to unique specifications. 

PowerWize BMI High-Current Panel-to-Board/Busbar Interconnects

Using our own COEUR socket technology to ensure low contact resistance and minimize heat generation, Molex has developed a line of high-current connectors ideal for new EV charging infrastructure. 


The blind-mating design of the PowerWize BMI High-Current Panel-to-Panel/Busbar Interconnects provides a secure and accurate connection even in hard-to-reach or visually obscured locations.   

PowerPlane Busbar Connectors

PowerPlane Busbar Power Connectors deliver high-current performance along with various configurations and feature options. These power connectors offer high reliability for enhanced performance and are excellent for a wide range of power-distribution applications.

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