Follow the Beat to the Affinity Medical, a Molex Company Booth at Heart Rhythm 2017 in Chicago

We at Affinity Medical, a Molex company, are excited to be once again exhibiting at Heart Rhythm in Chicago May 10th through 12th in booth 1532. This will be our tenth year showcasing our solutions and products to the more than 12,000 participants that walk the show. As always we look forward to meeting with our OEM partners to see their systems in action, discuss what we are developing and allow for the opportunity to meet new, potential customers.

In the years that we have been exhibiting at Heart Rhythm, the clear trend for cabling and connectors is the need for a higher conductor and pin count.  Ten years ago, 4 and 10 lead cables were the standard for electrophysiology.  Today, we are manufacturing cable assemblies with 72 conductors and our OEM partners are driving us to more than double that number for next-generation systems.

Along with pushing us to increase the signal capacity of cable assemblies, we are being asked to do so while maintaining a high level of flexibility and keeping weight to a minimum.  This means that we are using much smaller, higher gauge conductors which are challenging to terminate. As the number of conductors increases so does the number contacts in connectors.  To keep the overall size of connectors reasonable, smaller contacts are used with tighter spacing.  While off-the-shelf connectors are commonly used for electrophysiology cables today, future electrophysiology cable assemblies will likely require custom connectors.

If you are attending Heart Rhythm and have an interest in medical interconnects, cables and connectors, please stop by our booth 1532 to meet with one of our many experts on hand.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss cable or connector needs, please contact your local Molex sales engineer.