Remote Masters Concept – a unique and powerful solution to deliver fieldbus connectivity to control systems

The features and integration constraints of fieldbuses, such as DeviceNet or PROFIBUS, vary according to typical application areas:

  1. The solution must be integrated and efficient for a complex automated machine.
  2. A production line can have multiple fieldbus segments that are connected to the control system.
  3. A distributed architecture within a process control application where the DCS (distributed control system) can be several hundred meters away from the field devices.

For all these different uses, the concept of “Fieldbus Remote Master” offers a solution that meets the needs of flexibility in terms of installation while providing high performance. In fact, a Remote Master is a stand-alone hardware platform with on-board fieldbus and Ethernet communication ports that provide a fast and easy solution for adding full Master and Slave connectivity to any control system whether it is based on a logic controller (PLC / PAC) or a soft logic platform (industrial PC).

In the case of a distributed architecture like process control, the concept of remote master also offers various benefits, especially in terms of cabling cost. In fact, the cost of Ethernet cable is less expensive compared to the same length for PROFIBUS or DeviceNet media. The remote master module is located closer to the devices reducing the length of the fieldbus cable, and consequently allows bus operation at a higher speed.

The availability of Ethernet connectivity on the remote master offers the possibility of sharing the process data in addition to the controller communication.  For example, that data may be shared on Ethernet with a HMI (human machine interface) to monitor the process data as well as with a diagnostic tool or asset management software.