A Sea Change for Marine Connectivity – IBEX 2017

Maritime communications standards have all the challenges of land-based communications—plus the problem of having all their equipment constantly surrounded by water. A strong, reliable signal, and grounded electronics, are basic requirements, but casual boaters and professional sailors also need reliable internet bandwidth and onboard monitoring systems to ensure effective system monitoring and safe operations.

For more than a decade, the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) 2000 standard has guided boat manufacturers and operators to meet the increased demands of networked communications and internet protocols. The networks must be able to withstand the harsh conditions on the water and perform reliably, all the time.

The Molex family of IP-rated connectors has met the NMEA 2000 standard, offering smooth sailing for water-based communications systems. In particular, the innovative Molex ML-XT Sealed Connection System has redefined seal reliability in marine systems.

The ML-XT solution offers a cost-effective solution and superior reliability for critical wiring applications in harsh environments.  The two-shot liquid-silicone rubber molding and recessed rear seals combine to lock out contaminants from engines, pumps and other marine operations.  The covalent bond between the seal and the connector body permanently connects the two components at a molecular level.

The ML-XT system’s high-consistency rubber recessed rear seals completely resist movement during cable routing, mitigating seal positioning and movement problems. Protected by a rigid back cover, the seal allows flexible cable movement, and its recessed, fixed nature significantly reduces the possibility of leak-paths found in traditional designs.  The unique 18-circuit ML-XT sealed system, with field-proven XRC terminals, color-coded housings and custom options, ships fully assembled—ready to deliver full IP68, IP69K and SAE J2030 compliance and dependability where and when it is needed most.

Another recommended connector for marine use is the Molex Brad Micro-Change M12 CAT6A System. The M12 delivers superior signal integrity and up to 10Gbps Ethernet for high-speed data transfer (up to 500MHz) in harsh environments.  The innovative cross shielding is the next development in speed with a form factor half the size of sealed CAT6A RJ45 connectors.

In addition to these and much more, Molex has a wide range of products that provide secure, sealed connections for the modern era of water travel and transportation.  We will be showcasing many of these solutions at the upcoming IBEX show in Tampa, FL. Stop by booth 2137 to learn more.

Whether on land, in the air or on the ocean, reliable communications are essential to safety and expected by consumers. The Molex connectivity solutions ensure reliability and deliver powerful, consistent signals through whatever environment their customers travel.