Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017: Meet Gina and Linsey

Linsey, Sales Systems Specialist, and Gina, Lead Management Specialist at Molex are both training for their first marathon. Friends for over eight years, Gina and Linsey are pushing forward to complete 26.2 miles and represent Team Molex at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. See how the support and challenges they experienced during marathon training has created a lifelong bond.

Friends since 2009, Gina and Linsey meet during college and have supported each other through many life milestones like engagements, marriages, and career advancements.  The inspiration to run this year’s marathon came when both volunteered at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2016 and felt an excitement and admiration of watching over 40,000 runners. For Linsey and Gina, absorbing the energy of runners and spectators was convincing enough that the following year they would both be up for the challenge to run the marathon, even if that meant a little peer pressure to get started!

Gina joined Linsey at Molex four years ago in the customer service group. Linsey quickly introduced Gina to the Molex Fitness and Wellness Center on campus as well as the other countless intermural activities. It was obvious to Gina that Molex has a dedicated commitment to health and fitness and she was eager to jump in. Over the past few years, they both joined the Molex Running Team and have completed two half marathons each.

Both Linsey and Gina share similar interests which has naturally allowed their friendship to grow over the years. This strong support system encourages them to challenge each other to push forward in and out of the workplace. Inspiring each other every day, both cross train and talk about the marathon daily as it’s their “appointment time” to check in, motivate and keep each other accountable.

The comradery they experienced during the marathon training has created an indestructible bond. Both are happy they decided to stick to their goals and overcome the mental and physical challenges. None of the hard work would be possible without the motivation from one another. With the same goal in mind to reach the finish line and finish uninjured, both Gina and Linsey are excited for October 8th to run their first marathon, pushing forward together!