Interesting Stats on Medical Mobile Communications Devices (MCDs)

I just read an interesting article from Deloitte The Mobile Personal Health Record:

Technology-enabled self-care. It included a few factoids I found very interesting with regard to my favorite subject, convergence in healthcare:

  • Twice as many Gen X and Y consumers want to access and maintain their Personal Health Records (PHR) using a mobile device than do Baby Boomers and Seniors – indicating that younger generations are more likely to manage their health using MCDs. (1)
  • Fifty percent of consumers want a personal monitoring device to alert and guide them to make improvements in their health or treat a condition. (1)
  • Approximately six out of ten consumers (57 percent) want to access an online PHR connected to their doctor’s office. (1)

From my perspective, the use of technology to simplify, improve and monitor our health is an extremely important part of the next generation of healthcare.  That being said, it is a little Orwellian that this data is available and another piece of our privacy is at risk.

Do you think that MCDs will improve the human condition?  Or, will the complexities of the Big Brother complex make it impractical?

(1) 2010 Survey of Health Care Consumers: Key Findings, Strategic Implications, Deloitte Center

for Health Solutions, May 2010.