Super Safeway Portable Power System: It Has to be Built to Last

The recovery efforts form the 2017 hurricane season required manpower and electrical power. The Woodhead Super Safeway Portable Power System by Molex is one example of how to engineer a solution that meets the needs for such extreme situations.

One problem faced by emergency crews is durability. The Woodhead Super Safeway System is made with vulcanized rubber that is shock-resistant, non-conductive and corrosion-proof. It also has 6-inch aluminum legs that keep the electrical components off the ground, which is why it’s compliant with UL, CSA, NEC, and OSHA portable power delivery system standards for construction sites. The Woodhead cables are also durable, and both the cables and the system are made from rubber compounds that hold up best to chemical exposure and temperature extremes.

The portable power system is further protected by the Woodhead Safeway cable protector, a heavy-duty polyurethane package that provides protection for individual cables through a unique 5-channel design and a hinged lid that allows for easy access to the cables while also protecting them from physical damage, therefore, reducing the potential for injury. 

The Super Safeway System is compact and lightweight, making it convenient to bring onsite and small enough to fit into tight spaces without compromising performance. The stackable nature allows for multiple boxes to be placed on a single feeder, which comes in handy after the work is completed since the units can be transported and stored in that same configuration.

The size, portability, and reliability of the Super Safeway System is the type of solution to help meet the needs in a disaster situation- quickly and safely.